Eight days after being gaslighted on the front page of the NZ Herald and posted as a lead story on their digital feed for eight hours, STUFF by way of their journalist, Glen McConnell, stumbled on the same story.

How many non Māori use their time to advance their political rights in Aotearoa using work related time?

For the record, Te Whānau o Waipareira is a private concern. It is managed by an elected governance group appointed by anyone over the age of 18 that attends the Annual General Meeting of Te Whānau o Waipareira Trust.

As a consequence we undergo no inquisition from anybody. We are a Sovereign Indigenous Group.  Mr McConnell and STUFF know that we do not set up laundromats like foundations or blind trusts. They also know we do not take foreign money or host dodgy options.  They also know we do not set up schemes to beat the law.

Above all, they do know that we are honest and we surface our intentions to use Māori money to support Māori participation in the democracy of Aotearoa. We do that overtly, openly and we broadcast it. With thanks, STUFF have also broadcast it.

What STUFF has not broadcast is its investigations into the funding of National, Labour, ACT and the Green Party’s. When they do investigate, they will note that there are hundreds of thousands of dollars donated anonymously under the $15,000 cap.

We know this because of the court case involving NZ First. The richest man in New Zealand Graeme Hart set up a scheme to defeat the law by posting donations under $15,000 so he and his sons could not be identified as being donors to the political process.

If I had attempted that and carried it out, I would have been held up as a scheming, untrustworthy, unaccountable Māori. Because you are rich and white in this country, you can get up to schemes to defeat the law and that is deemed to be clever. If you are honest and surface what you are doing as us Māori want to do and will continue to do, somehow this is something terribly wrong.

So what we have to say to STUFF, as I said to Mr McConnell, go jump in the lake. It is none of your business how we participate in the political process so long as we do it legally, openly and honestly.

I finalise this note back to STUFF by stating that their apology to Māori for negatively framing us three years ago is a joke. They now bury Māori-related matters along with all other ethnicities in a ghettoised part of their digital feeds and hard copies under the name Pou Tiaki. Using the term Pou Tiaki and treating us like this, as the indigenous people with separate constitutional rights and entitlement, once again shows the false nature of any apology provided to Māori three years ago.

In regard to the Charities Commission, I post our emails and to avoid all doubt, also post the original Serious Fraud Office (SFO) release.

Now Stuff that.